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Self hypnosis for lucid dreaming

Self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is becoming increasingly popular. It is has grown from niche to mainstream over the last decade or so – not least due to films like Matrix or Inception. We would know, we have been there at the very beginning. For those unaware (were you hiding under a big rock? :)), lucid dreaming is an ability to consciously wake up in the dream and control it. Do whatever you wanted to do…

How to lucid dream?

There are many techniques to achieve the state of lucid dreaming. There are specialist devices to help (one of the most popular is our own REM Dreamer ), there are dream herbs and there is a whole variety of visualisation and meditation techniques.
This is where self-hypnosis can come in handy. In self-hypnosis you will teach your unconscious mind to refocus on the task at hand, in this case – achieving the lucid dream. You will use the power of auto-suggestion to trigger a positive response later on at night.

Self hypnosis routine

As with anything to do with hypnosis, it is always recommended to create a routine out of this – perhaps when you first start with the approach, have a self hypnosis session right before you go to sleep for a week, every night. And see how this changes your ability to lucid dream. After a week, use it as often as you’d like. Remember, the change will come at the speed which is right for you – you can’t force it. We like the hypnotic session outlined in the WOLD blog post.

Now we left the best for last – with our new product, eHypnotizer, you will be able to improve your self-hypnosis sessions. It works by inducing hypnotic catalepsy – once it is achieved, it starts playing back your chosen auto-suggestions. Hypnotic catalepsy is said to help achieve hypnotic state faster and go deeper. Dream lively! Excel yourself! Share the news of this exciting product with your friends!