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Self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming Lucid dreaming is becoming increasingly popular. It is has grown from niche to mainstream over the last decade or so – not least due to films like Matrix or Inception. We would know, we have been there at the very beginning. For those unaware (were you hiding under a big rock? :)), lucid dreaming is an ability to consciously wake up in the dream and control it. Do whatever you wanted to do… How to lucid dream? There are many techniques to achieve the state of lucid dreaming. There are specialist devices to help (one of…

eHypnotizer prototype
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We are very excited to share with you the prototype of the eHypnotizer. It features a familiar face-mask with eye-movement detection as well as an arm band with an accelerometer. The device is able to detect hypnotic catalepsy – how cool is that?? Read more about this in our blog entry here. Once you are in the hypnotic trance, your chosen suggestions will follow. Share the news of this amazing device!

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Types of hypnosis There are three different types of hypnosis. Traditional hypnosis is the most wide-spread form of hypnosis. It relies on achieving a relax body and mind state and receiving suggestions and commands that influence the unconscious mind. This in turn, over time, should influence the person’s feelings, behavior or habits. Ericksonian hypnosis was developed by Dr Milton Erickson. It can be suitable for strong-willed people, who are not prone to direct suggestions. This form of hypnosis uses indirect suggestions by employing metaphors. Metaphors allow the brain to think creatively about the issue. Metaphors are typically stories with a…